Belgica de Weerd

Since 1972, dr. Henk de Weerd has been active as a veterinarian specialized in the medical and sport technical guidance of racing pigeons. Through his background, knowledge and experience he has become one of the leading veterinarians in the field of racing pigeons, who, like his father, travels around the world to share his knowledge.

Henk de Weerd is not only a trendsetter as a veterinarian, but also in the field of developing specialized medication and feed additives for pigeons, which are commercialized by Belgica De Weerd. All these products have been developed after our own research and extensive practical tests and are produced according to GMP standards. Of course, all products are doping free.

Pigeon fanciers all over the world use the Belgica De Weerd range succesfully. The list of references of successful and satisfied clients continues to grow steadily and we are always glad to see how many fanciers show their gratitude for the advice of Henk and his team and the added value of the Belgica De Weerd products in reports on the occasion of a victory.